Welcome to Chocomac

A brand product of BD Associates Ghana Limited


Established in the year 2008, BD Associates Ghana Limited, a cocoa processing facility situated in the free zone enclave in Tema, Ghana, West Africa is poised to be a market leader in the processing and sale of cocoa products.The facility currently had an annual throughput of 12,500 metric tonnes of premium Ghana cocoa beans which it processes into cocoa mass.

This semi-finished product is exported mainly to Europe, Asia and the Middle East to be used as ingredients for various confectionery manufacturing establishments.BD Associates currently produces under the brand name CHOCOMAC.

BD Associates is currently in the process of increasing its annual processing capacity from the current 12,500 MT to 28,500MT by the end of 2015. In addition to that BD Associates shall install presses which will enable us to press the cocoa mass produced into cocoa butter and cocoa powder to ensure that we increase the throughput and scope of our product portfolio.

Option for the processing of both natural and alkalized products will also be made available to customers who might want the different types of products we can offer.



Thousands acres of cocoa plantation from rich and high yielding seeds done by trained farmers of hundreds of Ghana Villages. BD Group specializes in cocoa beans from best of demography. Cocoa from every origin posses its own flavour, colour and taste.



At BD group we take care of quality right from the farm by segregating fully ripe cocopods. Wet beans obtained undergo traditional fermentation processes in our own fermentation units.



More than last 25 years of industrial experience we have built our transportaion and warehouse units to maintain quality of beans.



With state-of-art infrastructure and latest technology we ensure no harm to mother nature and best of typical Ghanaian cocoa product.



Backed by the vast experience and sound knowledge, we deliver quality, flavour keeping a check over costs and product strategies to address all kinds of customer requirements.



Quality of our chocolate, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, and cocoa powder are natural outcomes of our commitment to farmer partnerships and deeper involvement in quality control right from the farm level.




We offer a selection of high-quality semi-finished products that can be used as ingredients for many different applications. They are based on our selection of the finest cocoa beans that we roast, break and process into premium quality cocoa butter or cocoa powder.


Cocoa powder is ground residual cocoa cake left after pressing.


Based on our selection of the finest cocoa beans from Ghana, we roast, break and process into premium quality cocoa mass. There are differentiating products for the professional who wants to create, starting from absolute purity. It’s perfect for the professional who wants to customize the taste, liquidity or intensity of his chocolate.


After cocoa mass (liquor) has been pressed and the majority of the butter extracted, the remaining by product is known as cocoa cake. The press residue (cake) normally has a fat content of between 10% and 12% although higher or lower fat contents can be achieved if required. A “cake” is a circular disk, about 30 cm in diameter and about 3 - 4 cm thick. The cake is then broken into small pieces – a process known as “kibbling’’. Kibbled cake can then either be further processed or packed for shipment. More modern factories now pack kibbled cake into 1 tonne jumbo bags for the transportation, although many factories will still pack in 25 kg kraft paper bags. Cocoa cake is used, after further processing, for colourings and flavouring in cocoa based food products.